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Vireon – Enabling zero emissions

One of our favourite projects. Developing the name and brand for Vireon – The leading hydrogen refueler for heavy-duty trucks in the Nordics. A highly ambitious company working towards a zero emissions future. This is just the beginning.

Sustainability isn't a buzzword for Seagems, it's their business model

Sustainability isn't a buzzword for Seagems, it's their business model

Taking side streams from the seafood industry, making nutritious flavouring for global food production companies.

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Bergen Carbon Solution

The green supermaterial of the future. Webpage for Bergen Carbon Solution, done together with Maskinen and Behalf.

Giske Shipping

Giske Shipping

Often times a brand's integrity help make decisions for how they should appear going forward. Giske Shipping is an example of that. Built on long term business relationships, the visuals reflects those values in a traditional, yet modern way.

Havnehagens dishes presented in the photo with logo on top.


Lokated at Lorkenestorget, in the center of Ålesund harbour, Havnehagen is a relaxed outdoor dining experience that complements the restaurants Bryt Tapasbar and Bro Kystgastronomi.


FUND is a network that facilitates meetings between investors, startups and growth companies. The aim is to elevate the next generation og business.

Business Norway

Explore green and sustainable solutions and investment opportunities in Norway. Webpage and design system for Business Norway. Done together with Neue Design Studio and Los & Co for Innovation Norway.

Accounting made easy with Sherpa

Accounting made easy with Sherpa

Energic, kind and with a keen eye for details they make sure have your business in order.

Hotel Brosundet

Hotel Brosundet

Website for the family owned and historic boutique hotel in Ålesund.

Towards a more sustainable city – Bypakke Ålesund

Towards a more sustainable city – Bypakke Ålesund

Ålesund is preparing to meet the future with environmentally friendly and efficient transportation solutions. Bypakke Ålesund aims to contribute to better and safer roads, improved public transportation services, and new bicycle paths.

Exotek logo on top of photo of an electric, all-terrain, four wheel vehicle.

Exotek – Free to ride

Identity and website for the Norwegian company Exotek. Developing an electric all-terrain vehicle for the mobility impaired. Freedom on four wheels!

Norwegian Hydrogen Logo

Norwegian Hydrogen

A rapid transition towards renewable energy is an absolute necessity. Norwegian Hydrogen works towards this goal with an upgraded identity, new marketing materials and a new website.

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Munch at Munch

What to do when your brain in full of world-class artistic impressions? Recharge with the best food and drinks of course. We branded the restaurant Tolvte, the bar Kranen and the ground floor deli at Oslos Munch Museum.

Solwr – Two experts join forces

When logistics and robotics companies Driw and Currence Robotics joined forces we worked closely with them through the process, all the way from brand strategy, a new name and identity through launch and implementation.

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Seanse Art Centre

Seanse works with artists who teach, in order to enable children and youths to experience and express themselves through art. We helped Seanse with their playful new visual identity and website.

Woman carrying a cotton, off white totebag on her shoulder, with plum red art nuveau inspired pattern and Hotel 1904's logo.

Hotel 1904 – A contemporary art nouveau experience

A hotel in Ålesund with a history going back 150 years. The hotel has undergone a transformation the last few years, merging art nouveau and modern architecture into a truly unique concept. In close collaboration we’ve developed the brand, website, signage, print and merchandise.

Framed poster of the painting «Judith Slaying Holofernes» with large, overlapping pink, green, orange and blue exclamation marks from Ytre kunstfagskole’s logo.

Ytre Kunstfagskole – Let your voice be heard

How to attract more and broader type of applicants to Ålesund kunstfagskole? The established art school did a complete rebranding, starting with the new name Ytre. A name both rooted in arts role in social and political commentary, the north west and our individual need to express ourself through art.

Dampsentralen – Come for the food, stay for the mood

The energetic baby sibling at PIR. Open from early to late, the co-work community and the public can meet up, drink, eat and dance. We did the identity, illustrations, packaging and signage.

Handle content like a champ with Ringrev

Handle content like a champ with Ringrev

Helping small and medium sized companies structure their social media and marketing presence in a stress free and humanly understandable way. We’ve collaborated with the start-up from the beginning, designing the app, branding and illustrations.

United Future Lab Norway

Identity work for United Future Lab Norway, a regional network under UNs United for Smart and Sustainable Cities Program.

«Bjørknes» handwritten on a red ping pong racket, with a ping pong ball underneath, on top of a blue ping pong table.

Bjørknes Privatskole

Updated digital presence and user experience for Norway’s oldest private school.

The panda logo over a photo of a misty forest


New website for WWF: A collaborative effort between us, B.Bold, Behalf, Ida Aalen and Minus.

A laptop sitting on a stool


A new suite of apps for Tikkio’s Event Manager.

Pir building with logo

Pir co-working space

Branding for our good friends at Pir co-working space. A space for today, tomorrow and everyday.

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Nuvaa – In the market for something new

Naming and branding for a new independent fashion and lifestyle store from the Dale Group.

Harding Sider – Nasjonal uromantikk

Harding Sider – Nasjonal uromantikk

Branding, illustrations and packaging design for Harding Sider. High end products wrapped in humour and a rebellious take on the Norwegian concept "nasjonalromantikk".

K.Aa.B. micro brewery

K.Aa.B. micro brewery

Strategy, visual identity and packaging for Kristine Aarvik Bakkens own craft beer brewery in Langevåg.

Torheim Gard in sync with nature

Mark and Nina makes ecological produce from Torheim Gard, using sustainable agriculture techniques.



Jumping (or kickflipping) at the chance to help Ålesund Rulleforening establish an identity for HALLEN, the citys long awaited and sorely needed indoor skating and scooting arena. Together with out friends in Maskinen and Overhaus we created something highly visible and unapologetic. Nothing less would do!

Illustration of a physician talking to a patient over video


Confrere is a digital service that puts you in touch with your doctor without having to leave your home or workplace. Together with the founders, we worked quickly to develop a brand and a digital design language that made it possible to go from business idea to MVP with paying customers in less than five months.

Viti – Art between two covers

Viti – Art between two covers

Over the years we have designed many of Jugendstilsenteret & KUBE’s exhibition identities both permanent and temporary. This includes the catalogues for the many exhibitions, banners, merchandise, ads and signage on location.

Devie’s Donuts

Devie’s Donuts

With donuts, bubble tea and all things fun and sweet, Devie’s Donuts offers a little bit of sunlight for all occasions.

Runa Klock

Runa Klock

Identity work for Runa Klock, a woman of countless talents and projects. Photo: Kaja Bruskeland

Lost Connections

Identity and catalogue for Marit Helen Akslens solo exhibition Lost Connections. The artist made a limited edition version of the catalogue with individually sewn covers.

Lilly Stiftelsen

Visual identity and website for Lilly Stiftelsen. A foundation supporting young, Norwegian singers and a driving force for elevating national song competency.

Bespoke travel experiences with DID Adventure

Website and upgraded visual identity for a dedicated and skilled provider of bespoke travel experiences in the northwest.

Life-enriching directions with Adventure Travel Norway

Identity and website. What happens when retired marines takes their expertise and provide high end bespoke travel experiences for private guests and groups? A genuine and memorable experience awaits.



A tapas restaurant in Brosundet – the heart of Ålesund, where Spanish and
Portuguese sailors have docked up for generations bringing their food, music and vigor. Inspired by this mix we worked with everything from concept, to name, identity and illustrations.

Varda Care – Tracking vital data seamlessly

Varda Care – Tracking vital data seamlessly

How do we solve the challenges of an aging population? Varda Care is a startup using technology to cut down on time spent on rutine monitoring, freeing up more time for care and attention. We have worked with Varda Care since the very beginning on everything from the brand to UX/UI and user testing.

Kezzler – World-leading Platform for Product Traceability and Digitization

Highly complex technologies needs robust design systems. For Kezzler, we’ve built an extensive library which communicates consistently across all channels and platforms.

Some of our current digital projects

An extensive UX/UI SaaS project for an global actor in the hygiene industry

We are proud to add Bergen Carbon Solutions to our client list from the hydrogen industry

An updated presence for WWF

Design sprint for a disruptive startup

We continue to support Varda Care in their mission to provide digital tools for healthcare

Assisting Neue Design with UX on the Business Norway project for Innovation Norway