Pir facade nightscape

An exceptional space for collaboration and productivity

Pir is built for founders by founders, who are driven by a sincere desire to see people thrive. This is why they created an environment where people can learn from and inspire each other to go even further, both in their own projects and for their community.

Today, tomorrow – everyday.

Pir have changed the way business is done – both for our city and for out of town visitors. Pir have without a doubt created more collaboration and openness, between and within industries. Its contribution to the business environment has exceeded all expectations. We worked closely with the Pir team developing the brand this ambitious project deserved – well aware that Pir already had made a name for themselves with their storytelling around what was about to be, long before the community and building was done. We defined the brand strategy, concept, visual identity and redesigned the website. On top of that we’ve done all take outs such as way finding, printed material, digitals and so on. Oh, and we ended up moving in to be part of the action.

Pir wayfinding between floors