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Norwegian Hydrogen – Enabling zero emissions

A rapid transition towards renewable energy is an absolute necessity. Norwegian Hydrogen works towards this goal with an upgraded identity, new marketing materials and a new website.

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The emission-free alternative

Norwegian Hydrogen specializes in the production and delivery of green hydrogen, which is produced from renewable energy sources.

In line with the brand strategy, we have made adjustments to the identity to enhance versatility, sustainability, and business orientation. The logo has been redesigned with a new font and an adjusted symbol, resulting in a more balanced and scalable design. Additionally, we have introduced a new color that conveys green hydrogen better. The selected font is a reliable and trustworthy option that lends credibility to the brand.

We have also introduced two new brand elements. The first one is based on the periodic table, while the other one reflects the shape of the logo symbol. These elements provide Norwegian Hydrogen with a useful toolkit for creating new marketing materials.

Old logo and new logo

The adjusted logo in the bottom have a new font that are bolder and bigger to match the symbol better.

Norwegian Hydrogen employees working
Brand element 1: the grid system

Brand element 1: The grid

This grid is inspired by the Periodic Table. The grid is zoomed in on an element. On a poster you will only see the lines from parts of the squares. It is the content and the surface that determines how much you zoom. On a website you may want to show more than on a small poster.

Norwegian Hydrogen webpage on a laptop
Brand element 2: Filled shapes

Brand element 2: Filled shapes

The filled shapes are taken from the Norwegian Hydrogen symbol. Mainly used when you need to make the layout a bit more dynamic.

Norwegian Hydrogen sign hanging from the ceiling
Norwegian Hydrogen key chain
Norwegian Hydrogen employees with a water bottle.