Solwr totebag

Solwr – Two experts join forces

When logistics and robotics companies Driw and Currence Robotics joined forces we worked closely with them through the process, all the way from brand strategy, a new name and identity through launch and implementation.

Inventing stuff is fun!

Solwr is a software company and a robotics company that joined forces to offer a wider range of logistics solutions for the retail industry. Their target audience includes forward-thinking logistics professionals within large chains, often hired digitalization consultants. Competitors in Solwr's market are mostly established players like SAP, and as a small challenger, it's important to stand out and make an impact.

In their brand strategy, we defined the concept of the new brand as a "problem solver," which was a common trait in both companies. We created our own problem for this purpose – a grid consisting of 13 white and 12 black squares – to explore solutions within these constraints without adding or removing anything. A fun fact? We cheated a little on one of the letters. The problem solver concept thus informed the new name, logo, and the workshop-style illustrative approach, which truly permeates the company's culture as well. Several interesting phrases emerged from workshops with employees, including "Inventing stuff is fun" as an answer to the company's "why." We liked it so much that they incorporated it moving forward.

This was an exercise in internal alignment and cultural integration – two companies that were unfamiliar with each other had to co-locate and unite under a new name, strategy, and identity. We achieved this by involving employees in the brand strategy and naming process, maintaining transparency about the progress, and most importantly, hosting a grand kick-off event where employees were tasked with creating their own letter using 5x5 "pixels" – which eventually revealed the new name.